My name is Gioele. I am a programmer and teacher.

Education and experience

I graduated with honors in Computer Science from University of Bologna. Both Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree.

While I was studying I did many jobs, especially in summer, I list some:

  • assistant in a retirement home
  • office work in an arcade video game import-export company
  • computer technical assistance in University
  • pollster
  • employee in natural history museum

After graduating I worked as programmer in the field of data security, focusing on MacOS and iOS software design. But also working on small Android and Windows prototypes and web programming (PHP, MySQL, Bootstrap…).

Then I got into teaching and after two years of study, I am an authorized maths and computer science teacher.


I like computers even in my free time, especially computer graphics. I studied and used Blender for a while (I stopped because I had no time with my job).

I like games. I am huge Nintendo fan.

I also like game programming. While I was studying to become a teacher, I noticed the similarities between a good teaching project and a good game project and I started planning some small educational games, especially for children with learning disabilities. So I started learning Godot engine and joined some game jams.

I love music: rock, jazz, fusion. I play saxophone, electric bass, EWI and ocarina.

I can speak Italian, English and a little bit of Japanese (I got JLPT N3 in 2016).


If you wish to talk about any of the above topics, need tutoring in computer science or programming or advice, you can contact me using the buttons below.